Canadian Doctors Oppose Their Salary Increases

Can this ever happen in Africa? Many Canadian doctors are asking for the cancellation of their salary increases, especially those for medical specialists. They believe that the government’s offer is “indecent,” reports the Canadian media.

According to an agreement by Minister Philippe Couillard, 10,000 medical specialists will receive nearly $ 500 million by March 31 and will see their salaries increase by 11.2% until 2023, a rise that is not welcome , within some of the workers of the corporation.

They have also signed an open letter to oppose their remuneration deemed shocking while their colleagues nurses, attendants, clerks, work in very difficult conditions.

“We, Quebec physicians who believe in a strong public system, are opposed to the recent salary increases negotiated by our medical federations”.


“These increases are even more shocking than the difficult conditions in which nurses, clerks and other professionals work. They are constantly victims of wage cuts. Our patients do not have adequate access to needed services because of the drastic budget cuts of recent years and the centralization of power in the Ministry of Health. “, Can read in the letter published February 25 by the group of Quebec doctors for the public system (MQRP).

These doctors are asking that this money be used to rehabilitate the country’s medical system.

“We believe that there is a way to redistribute the resources of the Quebec health system to promote the health of the population and meet the needs of patients”

“We are asking that the salary increases granted to physicians be canceled and that the resources of the system be better distributed for the sake of health care workers.”


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