Canada’s Women Football Team Play This Hilarous Birthday Prank On Their Coach!! Must See VIDEO!

You’re a coach preparing for the upcoming Olympic Games, a big event for high stakes; when all of a sudden two of your players start fighting!

Wow. This is neither the time nor the place for such infighting, so you stand there bewildered as you plot your next move.

Coach John Herdman greets fans of the team

That’s when before you realise what’s happening, you have a cake thrown straight into your face.

You’ve been pranked!


Canada’s Women National team coach John Herdman was on the receiving end of this prank from his team as he celebrated his birthday. Two players pretended to fight whilst another got into position to plant the cake in his face.

He appreciated the gesture, sure, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate them winning the tournament more.

Check out the video below


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