Canada’s Biggest Polygamist: Meet the Man With 27 Wives and 145 Children Living Large Like a King

Canada’s biggest polygamist, Winston Blackmore is living large like a king. Blackmore has 27 wives and 145 children but has insisted that polygamy should not be legalized. He said that legalizing polygamy could lead to the exploitation of women.
According to Salt Lake City Tribune, Winston Blackmore, the leader of a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist group in Canada, is being prosecuted by the Canadian government for polygamy.
However, Dailymail has revealed that the 59-year-old who, was a bishop for the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, gave reasons why he doesn’t favour the legalization of polygamy.
He fears that legalizing it would lead to the exploitation of women. He said that Canada has changed the definition of common-law marriages in order to prosecute him, according to the Tribune.
Blackmore said that he and his wives are officially ‘friends’, adding that despite them being friends, ‘they still charge us with polygamy’. He told the audience that he never courted any of his wives and instead some of them approached him about becoming his wife.

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