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Canada Wants To Attract One Million New Migrants By 2020 To Meet Its Labour Needs – Minister

These migrant arrivals will be practically two-thirds for economic reasons, but also through family reunification and the continued hosting of refugees. “In response to the demands of Canadian businesses and labor needs,” the arrival of new migrants “will support economic growth,” said Ahmed Hussen.To this end, Canada, which currently has a population of 60 million, plans to grant permanent residence to 310,000 foreigners in 2018. Then to 330,000 a year later, and finally to 340,000 new migrants in 2020, said the Canadian Minister of Immigration.

This increased immigration policy adopted by the Canadian authorities also responds to the need to cope with the aging of the population observed in the country. “This will help us face the challenges of the coming years, such as the slowdown in the growth of the workforce and the shortage of labor due to the aging of the population,” Ahmed Hussen said.

As a matter of fact, the ratio of 6.6 Canadian active persons to a retiree in 1971 decreased significantly, reaching 4.2 in 2012. “This downward trend could well continue to fall to 2 Canadian active persons for a retiree. here 2036 if such measures are not implemented, “was alarmed the minister.

It should also be noted that Ahmed Hussen, the Somali-born Canadian Minister of Immigration, has himself arrived in Canada as a refugee.

And according to data from a recent census published there about fifteen days, it is now 7.5 million Canadians (21.9% of the population) who were born abroad. A proportion that should even increase in the coming years, with access to the Canadian nationality of a large part of permanent residents.
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