Can You Study Nursing Abroad for Free? Here’s What To Know!


Paying for the education required to become a nurse can be difficult, and the cost of nursing schools discourages many people who want to become nurses, despite the fact that it is an investment that can pay off handsomely.

Before enrolling in a nursing program, it is critical to do your research. You’ll learn about the various scholarships that are available to help you pay for your nursing program. Furthermore, many nursing programs are tuition-free, allowing students to graduate with little to no debt.

Here are more details on how to study nursing in another country without paying exorbitant tuition.

How Much Does Nursing School Cost?

Although there is no fixed cost for nursing school, you can anticipate spending anywhere from thousands of dollars for a shorter course of study to over $80,000 and even $100,000 for prolonged or graduate school courses.

The cost of nursing school is determined by several factors, including your current level of education, whether you attend full- or part-time, and the program you wish to pursue.

The cost varies depending on whether you want to become a Registered Nurse, complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing bridge program, or get an Associate Degree in Nursing. In addition, the cost of attending a community college is likely to be much lower than that of a private university.

Community colleges are typically the least expensive option for nursing students, followed by state universities and private institutions. Nonetheless, there is no way to predict how much your degree will cost because it will be determined by the type of financial aid and scholarships you receive.

Five Nursing Schools Without Tuition

The University of Stavanger

  • Location: Norway
  • Credit: 180 Credits
  • Scope: 3 Years Full-time
  • Faculty: Department of Health Studies
  • Minimum Grade Required: Norwegian (393 hours): 3 or better; Maths (224 hours): 3 or better

Founded in 2005, the University of Stavanger is a public university in Norway. The university requires no tuition, including the nursing program. However, you will incur other expenses. The nursing faculty and the university are accessible to global students for free.

The nursing program at the University of Stavanger takes three years to complete while studying full-time. The nursing science curriculum includes natural sciences and social sciences. Nursing competence is developed through the interaction of theory and practice.

Lectures, group projects, mentorship, practical studies, simulations, and skill development in nursing labs are just a few of the ways to work and learn. It is possible to complete some of your practice abroad while still a student.

Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

  • Location: Germany
  • Credit: Not Specified
  • Scope: 8 Semesters
  • Faculty: Social Sciences and Medical Studies
  • Minimum Grade: Not Specified

The Bremen University of Applied Sciences is a German academic institution founded in 1799. It has 9,000 students in 66 academic programs, such as economics, nursing, and the social sciences.

The eight-semester program is one of the best places in the world to learn about nursing for free. This includes the bachelor’s thesis and the fifth-semester requirement that students study abroad for a semester.

You must have a regular university entry credential, a restricted university entry credential, or pass a classification quiz to be admitted.

It emphasizes process-oriented care and self-care competencies for people across the lifespan and in all care units. This is one of the free nursing schools that offers the International Degree Programme in Nursing Bachelor of Science.

The Arctic University of Norway

  • Location: Norway
  • Credit: Not Specified
  • Scope: Full Time
  • Faculty: Department of Health and Care Sciences
  • Minimum Grade: Not Specified

The Arctic University of Norway is the northernmost university. Moreover, it is northern Scandinavia’s most prominent educational and scientific institution. Students worldwide can get a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in nursing from this university

Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, and the program has a sizable foreign student population that accounts for up to 10% of the total student body. The nursing program prepares nurses to meet the needs of the healthcare industry in both general and specialized care settings.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

  • Location: Germany
  • Credit: 210 Credits
  • Scope: Full Time
  • Faculty: Department of Nursing and Management
  • Minimum Grade: Not Specified

Hamburg University is one of the top 10 universities in Germany for international students without tuition. It is a well-known public university in Germany that offers most classes for free.

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is one of the free universities in the world where you can enroll in a nursing program. Subsidies must be paid in the amount of less than EUR 350 per semester.

The theory is balanced by several practical lessons that prepare future nurses for careers in nursing and health care. Through its joint program, this college also prepares students to become better healthcare professionals.

Under this collaboration initiative, students can be taught at two other nursing schools: the Albertinen-Schule Academy of Nursing and the Academy of Nursing and Pediatric Nursing.

University of Agder

  • Location: Norway
  • Credit: 180 Credits
  • Scope: Full Time
  • Faculty: Health and Sport Sciences
  • Minimum Grade: 3.0 in Norwegian (393 hours) and 3.0 in mathematics (224 hours)

Around 19 undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available at the public University of Agder in Norway. Most of the courses are in Norwegian because this is a Norwegian university; only a few are in English.

Because of the country’s growing need for caregivers, the University of Agder allows aspiring nurses to study for free.

Furthermore, as a public university, the University of Agder is required by law to provide free education. A semester fee is required to cover the student association’s other expenses as well as public transportation costs.

It is also one of the free nursing schools with job placement guarantees for its graduates. Despite the fact that it is a free-tuition institution, it provides excellent instruction.

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