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Can the Foods We Eat Carry the Coronavirus? – Expert Explains

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According to Russian experts, it is theoretically possible to be infected with food products that a person suffering from coronavirus has previously touched. It is for this reason that the council of the Pan-Russian Union of Consumers Roskontrol has provided some advice on how to properly treat food products in order to avoid catching the coronavirus.

On the Roskontrol website, specialists explained that even if infection with food is unlikely, such a possibility cannot be excluded. This is the case for example of fruits and vegetables.

” Theoretically, if a sick person sneezes on an apple and you eat that apple right after, there is a risk [of catching the coronavirus, editor’s note]. But in practice, there is little chance  ”, assured the organization which exhorts the populations to wash the fruits and vegetables well.


The same is true for packaged products. Experts say if Covid-19 is in yogurt or a bottle of water, someone has grabbed it and then touched their face, there is a real possibility of infection, even if it is weak.

However, experts reveal that the coronavirus cannot reproduce in food and it dies after a few hours outside of its carrier.

” We know that the coronavirus, like other viruses (unlike bacteria), does not reproduce in food and dies quickly on their surface, ” said Andrei Mosov, scientific advisor to Roskontrol, on the organization’s website. .

Regarding the period during which the coronavirus can remain on the surface of a food or an object, there are several points of view. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States, it survives longer on cardboard, up to 24 hours, and up to two or three days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces. Roskontrol reports that the virus remains active on plastic surfaces for up to seven hours.


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