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If You Can Find This Letter On Your Palm You’re Pretty Special!!

We all know that in the land of palm reading it is believed that the lines we see in the centre of our hands, actually say a lot about us.

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And supposedly, if you can find the letter M in the lines of your palm, you may be more special than most!

The letter M is found when the major lines on your palm, which are known as the heart, head and life lines, are in alignment with one another.


Apparently the letter M shown on a person’s palm is very rare, and those who find them are said to be special.

The marking is believed to be a blessing of good fortune, and that those with the marking will thrive in the careers they choose, because they have strong self-motivation and discipline *searches palm for any signs of such a letter…*

It is also believed that for right-handed people, the lines on your left-hand indicate your personality and the destiny you were born with. For left handed individuals, the opposite will apply.

What do you think? Can you see any letters on your palm?

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