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CAN 2019 Qualifiers: What Adebayor Thinks of the Next Match Against Benin

Togo’s national team will play a friendly match against Madagascar on Wednesday and another Saturday (March 24th) against Ivory Coast. The group is full for these meetings that are part of the Fifa Day. But no question of lifting the foot. Emmanuel Adebayor takes the opponents seriously and evokes the atmosphere in the nest of the Sparrowhawks.

“Every time you get the chance to wear the yellow jersey, it’s a pride. We play to represent a country, a nation. So it’s very important for us, especially since there are a lot of young players. It’s up to us to encourage them. Both games are very important. The mentality is the same. It’s to win, wet the jersey for his country, ” said captain Sparrowhawks at the end of Tuesday’s training session.


With a young squad and new players, the coach of Togo Claude Leroy, will have the opportunity to observe the level of each in the perspective of qualifying for the African Cup of Nations (CAN 2019). And beyond these two friendlies, the opposition between Togo and its neighbor Beninois is in everyone’s head.

“In September, in Lomé at home, we have a very very important match for the qualification of the African Cup of Nations 2019 in Cameroon. […] We will play against Benin at home. It’s a derby. There are many Beninese living in Togo so it’s going to be a nice derby. Hope this is a match that Togo wins. But above all, what is important for me is fair play. […] it’s March. The month of September is still very far away. But we still have a little in the head, ” says Adebayor.


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