Cameroon’s President Sends Condolences as Landslide Fatalities Rise to 42

Cameroonian President Paul Biya Tuesday night extended condolences to families bereaved by a devastating landslide in Bafoussam, capital of the country’s West Region.

According to authorities, the death toll from the landslide has risen to 42, among whom four were pregnant women and 26 were children. Many are still missing.

The landslide, which lashed Gouatchie 4 neighbourhood at about 10 p.m. (2100 GMT) Monday, has buried a dozen of houses.

Officials have expressed concern that many people are still trapped under rubble in the affected neighbourhood where more than 100 people inhabit.


The only person who has been found alive from the debris is receiving treatment in the hospital, the region’s governor Augustine Awa Fonka told Xinhua.

The government has handed money for “immediate assistance” to the victims, he added.

Rescue efforts halted late Tuesday as pouring rain started again. Residents in the area have been asked to evacuate for fear of more landslides.

Five senior government officials are expected to arrive in the area early Wednesday to evaluate the tragedy.

Cameroon’s West Region has been pounded by torrential rain throughout October, with precipitation up to 145 mm in certain parts, according to weather forecasts.


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