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Cameroon’s President Paul Biya Issues Last Warnings to “Ambazonians”

Cameroonian President Paul Biya issued a statement on Tuesday, January 15, on his facebook page in which he warned war contractors, especially supporters of the secessionist movement in Ambazonia.

The head of state asks them in his statement for the last time to lay down their arms. In the event that they do not comply, Paul Biya intends to give instructions to neutralize them:

” If the call to lay down the weapons that I launched to war contractors remains unanswered, the defense and security forces will be instructed to neutralize them. “, The Cameroonian head of state said.

The publication of the Cameroonian president came two weeks after his speech on December 31, 2018, where he was already making the same remarks about secessionists who took up arms in the English-speaking regions.


We remember that a few weeks before, Paul Biya had created a National Committee for Disarmament and Reintegration of Boko Haram ex-combatants and the English-speaking rebels, with the aim of ending conflicts in the English-speaking regions and in the borders of the extreme of Cameroon. An appeal that is obviously not followed, as hostilities on the ground continue with losses in the ranks of the Army, civilians and separatists.

It has been three years since this English crisis lasted. As of today, it has left several hundred people dead, many property damage, hundreds of thousands of IDPs and refugees in neighboring countries, including Nigeria. Those who took up arms demand secession and recognition of their virtual “state”, “Ambazonia”.


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