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Cameroon’s Bishop Samuel Kléda Asks Paul Biya – ‘If You Really Love This Country, You Should Resign’

The President of the Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, Bishop Samuel Kleda gave an interview to the newspaper the new expression last Wednesday .. To believe our source, the Archbishop of Douala sent a message to President Paul Biya that could be likened to a advice. According to the man of God, if Paul Biya really loves this country, he should resign and set up a transitional power that will organize the free and transparent elections that meet the aspirations of the people.


  ”  For my part, if President Paul Biya really loves this country, he would rather think of a peaceful transition by passing power to another person, either within his CPDM party or within an opposition party.I am convinced that if there are free and democratic elections in Cameroon, the truth will be surprising. I insist that if President Paul Biya loves this country, he should rather withdraw than listen to those who ask him to represent himself. There is a time for everything. I hope that a council of wise men, a council composed of people who love this country, will be set up to find solutions to all these problems that arise today,  ”  said the Archbishop of Douala.

Bishop Samuel Kleda also spoke about the Anglophone crisis. To the question of whether the government should discuss with secessionists, the man of God responded with the affirmation by making some clarifications:

 ”  I have observed that people are very receptive to secessionist discourse. This seems to say that they believe that secessionists will provide solutions to the socio-economic problems that are theirs. As the situation is, we should not exclude them if ever the national dialogue is organized within this framework.In order to find a lasting solution to this crisis, the State should reach out to all its sons, all actors, for a way out of the crisis that would relieve everyone  .


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