Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria Reject Yaoundé’s Humanitarian Aid

A group of activists presented as spokesmen for Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria has just refused humanitarian aid from Yaoundé.

Activists say they speak out on behalf of the 20,000 Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria, ” We do not accept any help and do not want any visit from the Cameroonian government ,” it said in a letter to the UNHCR office in Abuja.

As a reminder, the government had launched an emergency humanitarian assistance plan for the victims of the security situation in the North West and South West regions.


The government has also initiated a reconstruction plan for the two English-speaking regions estimated at CFAF 12.7 billion. Several hundred million FCFA have already been collected by Cameroonians from different political chapels as part of this emergency plan for humanitarian assistance.

But the “representatives” of the refugees seem insensitive to all these initiatives taken by the government indicating that no aid will be accepted from the Cameroonian government.

The correspondence is also marked by a number of requirements, mainly ”  the unconditional release of all the prisoners that this conflict has generated and the opening of negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations and the African Union  “. For the activists, no negotiation or dialogue can be held without first releasing the secessionist leaders.

French President Emmanuel Macron also questioned the Cameroonian head of state on the need to implement regionalization and make the populations of different regions of the country much more autonomous. This will guarantee the peace and stability of the country.

Will Paul Biya take this advice from Emmanuel Macron into account? Only the future will tell us.


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