Cameroon: “Thomas Sankara Is Not A Political Reference For Me” – Herve Emmanuel

” Thomas Sankara is not a political reference for me. It embodies a moment of turbulent history. Some have often thought that impertinence could substitute for reflection. I believe that he died a little as he lived, that is, in a misunderstanding, in an agitation. I respect those who recognize him in him I do not know on what basis, but it is not my political model. His mission of preaching has been a little longer than that of Jesus Christ and I am glad that he has disciples who continue his work but I find that it is not the event that marked me this week. “Said politician Herve Emmanuel NKom, while he was taking part in the Canal Presse program on the Cameroon channel Canal 2 international on 15 October 2017.


A statement that was perceived as a direct affront to several Africans who recognize themselves in the ideology of the former strong man of Burkina. Many of them, especially the Cameroonians, have not failed to respond with virulent comments to this militant of the ruling party RDPC (Cameroonian People’s Democratic Rally).

For some Internet users, Hervé Emmanuel NKom is an impostor who seeks to be noticed by trying to attack the memory of Thomas Sankara, who is a reference for “the majority of Africans who recognize themselves as Pan-Africanists.”

For other Internet users, Emmanuel NKom is a freemason and his positions can be justified since he can only defend the interests of the settler with regard to his posture as a mason.

” I always thought this guy was a danger to Africa. He is right in 50 years, nobody will remember him anymore and when he thinks all his life and compares it to that of sankara, I can understand it, “says Mirabeau Mbove.


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