Cameroon: President Paul Biya Orders The Release Of English-speaking Prisoners

Cameroonian President Paul Biya on Wednesday ordered an immediate halt to the prosecution of the leaders of the Anglophone crisis and their release. This measure comes on the eve of the new school year in Cameroon scheduled next Monday.

The communiqué released on the national channel reports that the decision is part of many measures taken by the government to address the concerns of the populations of the two English-speaking regions.


“This decision is in line with the many measures already taken by the authorities to provide answers to the concerns expressed by the nationals of these two regions,” the statement said.

The leaders involved in this decision are among others; Lawyer Felix Nkongho, Dr. Neba Fontem, Ayah Paul Abine and radio host Salcho Mancho Bibixy and others arrested during the crisis.

They were arrested eight months ago and accused of inciting violence at demonstrations in the northwest and southwest regions. They pleaded not guilty to charges of complicity in insurgency movements against power, and incitement to civil war.

Paul Biya said in the statement that he is determined to “fight all the enemies of peace and progress, the leaders of the division, criminals of all kinds who, under cover of political demands, try to take hostage The future of our country and especially that of youth “. “They will answer for their actions before the courts,” he added.

The decision of Paul Biya intervenes a few days of the school year 2017-2018, at a time when the calm seems precarious in the English-speaking cities.

During protests in the two English-speaking regions, teachers, lawyers and some citizens were arrested and detained while some students and students were beaten and intimidated by law enforcement officials.

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