Cameroon: President Biya’s Children, Brenda And Junior Biya Finally Admitted To ENAM

On December 15, candidates who have been admitted to the entrance examination at the National School of Administration and the Judiciary (ENAM) are expected to attend the military service which marks the beginning of the training.

The two children of the Head of State Paul are among the admitted. This is precisely Brenda Biya ranked 5 th  in 20 in the cycle of the Treasury Section B of the Financial Authorities Division and Junior Paul Biya ranked 16 th  in the B ring of the administrative division of ENAM.

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According to the calendar published by ENAM, the academic year is scheduled for Friday, December 15, 2017.

Initially, only 405 places were planned for the various competitions organized for the academic year 2017/2018. But finally it is a little more than 1500 students who will be trained at ENAM. The definitively admitted candidates will benefit from about two years training at ENAM.

Training varies according to the years and the needs expressed by the administrations. New students begin with a 45-day superior military preparation. It is specifically reserved for students of Cameroonian nationality.

”  In itself, the so-called Advanced Military Training (PMS) consists of providing some basic skills of the profession of arms and technical and tactical know-how to future administrators. Another detail of this point of situation, the acquisition of techniques of melee is in progress. As one can imagine, the training is not painless: medical evacuations have already been made in the direction of Yaoundé … “wrote Alliance Nyobia our colleague from Cameroon Tribune, a few days ago.

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