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Cameroon Parliament: SDF Deputies Snatch Microphone From The Hands Of The Prime Minister [Photos]

It is a strange spectacle that the parliamentarians and several observers in the Yaounde hemicycle experienced this Wednesday, November 29, 2017 where was held the ordinary session of the National Assembly. According to several local media, the deputies of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) main opposition party, have maintained their blockade operation started a few days ago whose objective is to claim the inscription on the agenda of the problem of the Anglophone crisis. The SDF deputies snatched the microphone and prevented Prime Minister Philemon Yang from speaking in the gallery of the Chamber.

It must be said that the deputies of the ruling party, the democratic gathering of the Cameroonian people (CPDM), majority in the national assembly, oppose the inclusion of this item on the agenda. Hence the blockade set up by the SDF to prevent the continuation of the continuation of the work. This blockade has already caused a delay in the work. So far the finance law has not been registered yet


Cameroon: SDF deputies snatch microphone from the hands of the prime minister

Responding to questions from a radio station since Douala, on Monday, November 27, 2017, the regional president of the SDF for the Littoral, Jean Mitchel Nintcheu, had reaffirmed that there would be no debate in the National Assembly as long as the question of the anglophone crisis will not be put on the agenda. We can see that this was implemented on Wednesday via the blockade of the SDF parliamentary group.

” It is not possible to debate bills without the anglophone problem being on the agenda ,” warned Jean Michel Nintcheu.


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