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Cameroon: Newly Appointed Ambassador of Peace, Samuel Eto’o Allegedly Receives Death Threats

The Cameroonian ex international, always listening to his nation and renowned for his goodness of heart is invited in the crisis that has shaken Cameroon for months . Some time after fiercely renouncing any political ambition  , Samuel Eto’o, puts on his crampons to play on the grounds of the Anglophone crisis, where, according to some sources, the bullets that enter the body without a vest are crackling. leave big holes like goal nets.


Raised to the rank of ‘ambassador of peace’ last June 5 by President Biya to intervene in the Anglophone crisis, Samuel Eto’o , emblematic figure in Cameroon unfortunately would not be welcome among armed secessionists.

For these, to fight with the player would be a more appropriate way to get their message.

“The only way to attract more international attention, is to kill Eto’o once he enters the ambazonia,” they convey.

The goal of the mission of the best scorer of football in Cameroon, however was according to Koaci, to bring back into the classroom and express solidarity with the young people who have deserted the school, because of the abuses committed by armed separatists, against civilians who do not apply their motto.

“Sport has given me everything, I will share my experience with young people,” said the former Lions captain. But in the face of such a threat, the continuation of the player’s mission seems compromised and uncertain. Should we go or not?

As a reminder, since October 2016, the regions of North-West and South-West Cameroon, are shaken by socio-political demands resulting in violence which resulted in several deaths, wounded, and refugees in neighboring Nigeria.


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