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Cameroon: “In 1992, Fru Ndi And Not Paul Biya, Did Win The Presidential Election”  

This Cameroonian lawyer with an international reputation announced in young columns Africa he plans to run for the 2018 presidential election. The former President of the National Bar Association has published on social networks, a recording through which he presented his vision of Cameroon.

Wednesday, October 18, Me Akere Muna (65 years old) was facing the press in Yaoundé. The son of former minister Salomon Tandeng Muna declined the reasons why he was motivated to stand for presidential elections and the direction he wants to give to the management of public affairs in Cameroon.


”  I think I will give Cameroonians hope. What I am going to put on the table will stimulate Cameroonians towards a renewed hope. I am Cameroonian and I think I will put on the table a program that can meet the expectations of the time. And I let the Cameroonians judge,  “says the former global vice president of Transparency International.

Akere Muna also revealed several anecdotes during his exchanges with the journalists. This is the case of the 1992 presidential election.

”  In 1992, it was the first multi-party election in Cameroon. I managed the assembly and the cutting of the voices. And I can tell you in ’92, Fru Ndi did win,  “he said.

” Since we did not have a document, I took the results of the legislative elections that came just before to gather the voices as they came. There was a room and everyone had a department. There was a young guy who gathered the voices of all the departments. We began to announce, every day, the results we had to show that we were moving forward. The state, panicked, decided to start announcing the votes. So I assigned someone who notes the voices of the ruling party, the CPDM. After two hours, he came to see me saying that there is something weird. He tells me ” the figures given on the radio are the same as in the legislative elections ” … At the time, Minister Kontchou was at the Communication. They decided to pass the numbers of the legislative … Minister Kontchou was called to point out that the figures that were read are the same as those in the legislative elections. He was stronger than the current minister (Issa Tchiroma Ndlr). He acknowledged that this is a mistake. That he had put the results of the presidential election in the same drawer as those of the legislative elections. At the time of releasing the results for reading, he said, had instead pulled out the wrong results Says Akere Muna.


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