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Cameroon: Here Is What Cameroonians Are Saying About President Biya’s Daughter, Brenda And Her ENAM Candidacy.

For some days, Brenda Biya the daughter of the president of the Republic of Cameroon is the object of attacks of several Internet users. On the Facebook social network, many of them, mostly Cameroonians, have learned that Brenda Biya is a candidate in the ENAM (National School of Public Administration) competition and have quickly attacked her candidacy because she does not deserve it not to work in the public administration of Cameroon with regard to its multiple deviant behaviors.
One recalls that several compromising photos of the daughter of the Cameroonian president had circulated on the social networks. When Brenda Biya was kissing a man, next to another by far older than she was, and she was threatening some people with a knife in a video. In another video, you could see her smoking.
Upon learning that the daughter of the President of the Republic of Cameroon is going to run for the ENAM competition in the Division of Financial Regions Cycle B Treasury, several Internet users have rushed to say that she does not deserve to work in this important function of the republic.
According to these web surfers, their astonishment is great because they have trouble seeing the president’s daughter apply for a contest with all the advantages and great schools in the world. However, the supporters of Brenda did not fail to take the defense of the girl. on twitter  :  “you study abroad they will criticize, you return to your country they will do the same. Know that Cameroon belongs to all Cameroonians “.


In the same vein, some Cameroonians like journalist Boris Bertolt would like the admission of President Biya’s daughter to ENAM to be deserved. “At the moment I have no problem with this. Being the son or daughter of a president does not prevent us from wanting to serve the Republic. What is problematic is if she is not going to compose but succeeds in the contest and is named a few months after frame. This will be the beginning of the problems, “  the journalist said on his Facebook profile.


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