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Cameroon: Here is Brenda Biya’s Revelations About Her Father’s Future in Power

Brenda Biya, the daughter of the Cameroonian president, recently made some revelations to one of her Cameroonian friends in Switzerland during a telephone conversation about her father’s decision in the next few days, in case he did not manage to not to run for another term at the head of the State of Cameroon. According to Brenda Biya, his father would be ready to rest in case of failure in the presidential election that took place on October 7th.


“Daddy often tells us that he does not have a long time to live. And that worries us,  “she told her friend before continuing by explaining that his father has the ambition to rest and travel most often to Switzerland for his medical follow-ups: ” My father wishes to rest so much. Because he is very tired. His last trip to China has further exhausted him. He really wants to stop. He believes he has given all his professional life to Cameroon.


It must be said President Paul Biya is currently 85 years old and has already spent 36 years in power. He was a candidate for his own succession during the presidential election of October 7th.

Brenda Biya also explained to her friend that she intended to urge the Cameroonian people to be courteous and understanding towards her father whom she describes as  “a good man”  and whose only regret would be to leave Cameroon at war and divided . She specifies that her father is said to be betrayed by his entourage in front of whom he is sometimes powerless.



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