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Callosities and Mushrooms: Expert Reveals How to Naturally Eliminate Them in 2 Days

The soft and healthy feet are synonymous with cleanliness. However, due to a dry climate in some areas or simply due to negligence, it can happen that the feet have calluses and fungal infections. What to treat very quickly, because it is not very aesthetic. We offer you a very effective solution against these diseases. You will simply need aspirin and lemon juice.

Why aspirin?

It is a medicine treating headaches, fevers but also to activate the blood circulation. It can be easily available in pharmacies. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties because it contains salicylic acid and therefore reduces pimples. It is also an antifungal because it helps to fight against infections caused by fungi and helps to heal them. In addition, aspirin helps fight against bad odors.

Lemon juice

Rich in vitamin C and mineral salts, lemon is a powerful antioxidant. It allows cellular regeneration and helps reduce dryness of the skin.

Lemon contains citric and ascorbic acid, which helps to get rid of fungi and fungal infections. It helps eliminate blackheads and spots on the skin by cleaning pores.

Grandma’s recipe

You will need 5 sachets of aspirin, lemon juice and a sanding stone.

It will first crush the aspirin with a mortar, so as to have a fine powder. Then add lemon juice to get a consistent dough. Before applying the mixture, clean your feet. Put the preparation on the infected parts and put socks to fix the preparation. Leave on for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Then, using a sanding stone, remove the calluses and apply Shea to soften your feet. Repeat as needed, to have softer feet.

Caution :

  • The lemon is photo-sensitizing, it should avoid exposure to the sun after use.
  • On some epidermis, lemon can cause burning sensations or redness.

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