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A Call for National Civil Disobedience to Obama’s Public School Transgender Bathroom Mandate

Dr. Michael Brown has called for a National Civil Disobedience to Obama’s Public School Transgender Bathroom Mandate! We need to get behind this and support it.

There are times in history when obedience to God means disobedience to man. This is one of those times.

Now that the Obama administration has announced that public schools must allow boys who identify as girls to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms—meaning, in effect, that teenage girls must undress and shower in the presence of biological males—it is time to say, “With all respect to the authority of the federal government, we refuse to comply with your mandate.”


Across the nation, parents, school boards, principles, administrators and teachers must say no to President Obama and his administration. They must do it for the sake of the children. They must do it for the sake of moral sanity. They must do it to honor the Lord.

Enough is enough. Too many lines have been crossed, too many moral values have been trashed, and too much common sense has been ignored, all in the name of radical LGBT activism.

Now that activism has gone too far. Let’s remember that:

  • Kids who identify as transgender represent the tiniest minority of the population, perhaps two or three out of a thousand.
  • The great majority of kids who identify as transgender do not do so once they pass through puberty, so for most of them this is a temporary condition.

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