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Cairo University bans lecturers from wearing niqab

One of Egypt’s top institutions of higher learning bans female academic staff from wearing the niqab at the college.

Cairo University, one of Egypt’s top institutions of higher learning, has banned female lecturers wearing the niqab from teaching and lecturing at the college, a decision which has been condemned as an attack on personal freedoms.

According to reports, the university administration said: “It is not permitted for female faculty … in all colleges and institutes, to give lectures, tutorials, attend labs or deliver scientific training while wearing the niqab”.

The niqab, is a piece of fabric covering a woman’s head and a cloth that covers her face but leaves the eyes visible and it is usually worn by women of ultra-conservative religious and cultural backgrounds.

The ban was reportedly made to improve education and communication between students and academic personnel.

There have been mixed reactions to the decision, some critics seeing the ban as an attack on personal freedoms, with a Muslim organisation Wifaqal Ulama saying on twitter:


Source: Albawaba


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