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CAF President Ahmad Ahmad Makes an Important Clarification on CAN 2019 in Cameroon

While he was in Malabo for the UNIFFAC tournament as part of the qualifying for the U-17 CAN scheduled in Tanzania in 2019, Ahmad Ahmad provided important details on the senior CAN to be held in Cameroon in June 2019.

”  There is an inspection visit at the moment in Cameroon. The difference today in the new governance of the CAF is that everything rests on a set, a group: the president is there to reorganize, to coordinate. There is a team that is already in place currently led by the secretary general in charge of football. After the inspection visits carried out by the private audit, the CAN organizing commission chaired by one of the vice-presidents (president of the Nigerian Football Federation) will go to Cameroon and bring back information; the state of the situation.

But until proven otherwise, I tell you, the Africa Cup of Nations is in Cameroon. People talk about what they want. For us, that’s it, there is no plan B so far. Let’s be satisfied with that.


But as I told you, it does not depend on us. There is only Cameroon alone, as you have seen how Putin (Russian President NDLR) asked for the organization of the World Cup and how he organized the World Cup. It is they who can tell us that they are ready or not, it is not at the CAF.

This is how we have to reorganize African football, we must not always stay in the background. I’m trying to rearrange things and put them on modern management standards  . “


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