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CAF: A Member Ejected From Its Seat!! – “CAF Can’t Admit Two Associations From The Same Country”

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) now has only 54 members. This is a consequence of Ahmad Ahmad’s decision on Friday 21 July to exclude Zanzibar from its seat as the 55 th member of the confederation.


Only a few months after its admission by the CIF, then headed by Cameroonian Issa Hayatou, Zanzibar had its status as a member of the African Football Confederation terminated.


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 “CAF can not admit two associations from the same country”

For the new president of the organization, Malagasy Ahmad Ahmad, it could not be otherwise, as Zanzibar is part of Tanzania. This member should never have been a full member, as the previous team led by Hayatou admitted.

“They were admitted without properly examining the statutes which are clear,” Ahmad said, adding “the CAF can not admit two different associations from the same country”.

Zanzibar is a region of Tanzania with administrative autonomy. But, according to the Caf, it has functioned as an independent entity in football, and in particular, in competitions.

Zanzibar therefore falls under the authority of the Tanzanian Football Federation. The CIF is back to 54 members instead of 55.


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