Busted! Two Gay Students Caught “Doing Things” in Kenya School Toilet

Two secondary school students have apparently been expelled after being caught having sex.

The Maseno School students, both boys, were reportedly caught in a dormitory’s toilet by other students who beat them up before reporting them to the principal.

“The principal claimed that the school had no room for such people and such acts and warned that if anyone was caught in such acts, he would send them packing for good,” reads a report published on The Standard on Monday, August 29.



The debate on whether or not to allow homosexuality in Kenya and other African countries has been going on for a while.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, in July 2015, termed homosexuality a non-issue in the presence of pro-gay US President Barack Obama when the latter visited Kenya.

However, during an interview on CNN, Uhuru made it clear that although Kenya is not ‘culturally ready’ to legalise homosexuality, the government recognizes gay people’s human rights.

“I will not allow people to persecute any individuals or just beat them or torture them… Every individual has a right to be protected by the law and that’s stated in our constitution,” he said.


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