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BUSTED!! Gambia – Former President Yahya Jammeh’s Vehicles Hidden In The Kanilai Forest Discovered!!


The new Gambian authorities have just made an important discovery. They got their hands on an impressive car park of Yahya Jammeh.

At the time of his exile in Equatorial Guinea last January, the former President of the Gambia had embarked several vehicles including two Rolls-Royce and one Mercedes-Benz belonging to him in the cargo plane chartered to him by the Chadian President Idriss Déby Itno.

The vehicles Jammeh had been unable to transport had been hidden in a forest near Kanilai. But a month ago, the cache was discovered during a security operation conducted by the ECOWAS military.
According to “Enquete”, it is about luxury cars including a Chrysler that were so well concealed that they could go unnoticed. Better still, there was no shadow of a guard on the spot.


Still, the cache was discovered. This means that Adama Barrow’s regime intends to recover as far as possible the property of which its predecessor would have seized. Indeed, since last May, the Justice of the Gambia has frozen the property of former President Yahya Jammeh, suspected of having diverted more than 44 million euros before his departure in exile, according to the Minister of Justice.

At a press conference on May 22, 2017, Justice Minister Abubacar Tambadou said that the former strong man of Banjul had personally or indirectly illegally withdrew at least $ 50 million The central bank of state-owned funds.


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