Businessman Offers $ 25,000 to Find Friend

Jeff Gebhart from Kansas City is a positive person who likes to try new things. However, even if this 47-year-old entrepreneur appreciates his life, he is missing something: a girlfriend.

Tired of online dating sites, Gebhart decided to use a less traditional method to find the love of his life. He promised to offer $ 25,000 to the person who found him a girlfriend. Last weekend, Gebhart launched According to KCTV5, this website is a project he has been working on for six months. It contains all the information that could help anyone find a girlfriend.


“I would like to find a woman who is fun, simple, confident, motivated, who shares the same interests as me and who has the joy of life,  ” he wrote on his website.

According to Gebhart, the $ 25,000 represents the amount of money he would spend each month on dating sites, plus the number of months it would take him to find the ideal person.

“I prefer that this money goes to someone who wants to help me in this quest rather than to all these dating sites. “

In addition to the $ 25,000 he is willing to give to find a partner, he will also donate $ 25,000 to a shelter / charity for non-killed dogs.


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