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Business Tips: How African Entrepreneurs Can Use Instagram For Their Businesses

Since its introduction, Instagram has been a trendy social media platform. Above all, it has proved to be a really useful tool for businesses. Here’s how to use it for businesses:

Have a target audience for your content

So once you have an account set up, it is time to decide what type of content you are going to create in order to engage your audience. Knowing who to target when updating the social media feed with content is crucial. Start with your current customer base and from here you can define your target audience in terms of age, gender and location. From this point, your business will not only be able to tailor the content to that audience, but also know the existing channels and hashtags that can be leveraged, putting the company in front of potential and existing customers.

Keep your eye on hashtags and trending topics that may be relevant to content that you’re looking to post. Utilising these can widen your audience significantly. There are top hashtags that are used specifically for gaining followers on Instagram and you can use these to put your content in front of the audience open for new material.


Engage and be active

It is no use creating engaging visual images if no one knows you have an Instagram account. The first step to utilising Instagram is to let your customers know that you have a social presence. Put a link to your Instagram account on your website and advertise it on any other social accounts you have and include it in email signatures.
The key to a successful Instagram account is consistency and if you are going to post images, you should do so regularly. The more active the company is on the platform the more you’ll get in return. Try and post on the at the optimum times each week and stick to this routine. Tools such as Social Insights and Iconosquare both have features showing best times to post for maximum engagement and interaction, as well as a host of other analytical tools that can feed into your Instagram activities.

Consider teaming up with a local figure or organisation with an already established audience on Instagram as collaborations of this kind can open you up to their existing audience and help you to grow your following.

Utilise existing material from the company – what’s your USP?

In order to create an engaging Instagram account, it is essential to stand out from the crowd. So where do you start in terms of generating unique content? Your business likely offers a product, service, or experience that is sold to customers through having a unique selling point and you can use this to attract followers.

Keep the content consistent

Over time your followers will form certain expectations of the content you provide and it is advisable to be consistent in order to keep them coming back and engaging with posts. Knowing your target audience and who you want to put your brand in front of will influence the theme to focus on with content.

One simple way to build and develop a theme is to concentrate on one key colour when posting content.


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