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Burundi Becomes First Country To Withdraw From International Criminal Court

Burundi is the only African nation to go ahead with its withdrawal amid accusations that the court focuses too much on the continent.


Burundi will become the first country to withdraw from the International Criminal Court.

An ICC spokesman confirmed that the pullout takes effect on Friday, a year after the East African nation notified the United Nations Secretary-General of its intention to leave the court that prosecutes the world’s worst atrocities.


Burundi is the only one of three African nations to go ahead with its withdrawal after making moves last year to leave amid accusations that the court focuses too much on the continent.

South Africa’s withdrawal was revoked in March. Gambia’s new government reversed its withdrawal in February. The ICC says Burundi’s withdrawal doesn’t affect the preliminary examination of the country’s situation already underway by the court’s prosecutor.

Burundi has faced deadly political turmoil since 2015, when the President sought another term.


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