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Burkinabe Cheick Modibo Diarra Listed Among the World’s Leading Scientists

So far, only Cheick Modibo Diarra was known to Africans as a great scientist. For many years, Malian Nasa has been the pride of the continent.

From now on, it will be necessary to make with other great Africans of the science in the person of Frédéric Ouattara. This Burkinabe scientist is the African prize for excellence in space science research. He is vice-president of Norbert Zongo University of Koudougou in charge of teaching and pedagogical innovations.


Frédéric Ouattara has been distinguished among many in the research of space sciences. It has received, like 95 laureates, an award for the efforts of scientists around the world.

This year, at the US Geophysics Union Conference Frédéric Ouattara, and two other Africans have received awards for their contribution to the evolution of research in the world. In the oceans, on the earth, as in the air, many researchers have made known their genius.

Burkinabe physicist, African Award for Excellence in Space Science Research, Ethiopian-American Endawoke Yizengaw, Joanne Simpson Medal for Mid-Career Scientist, and Nigerian Ahzegbobor Philips Aizebeokhai, African Award for Excellence in the research of the earth sciences, have made the pride of Africa.

Speaking on the occasion of this ceremony, Frédéric Ouattara highlighted the merit of Africa in scientific research and the challenge for future generations

“We are two, the other is in a low atmosphere, that is to say the ocean and the earth, I am in space. It makes both people fill the void of the African continent. It is important for Africa to be in tune with science. And it’s an honor for Africa in general and my country in particular that allowed us not only, we went to school for free, we had scholarships to study, and that’s to say thank you to the State of Burkina Faso for its efforts “.

Man is today the pride of Burkina, and more generally of Africa.


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