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Burkina Faso: Here’s Why Apivirine is Banned in the Treatment of Covid-19

Beninese Apivirine Valentin Agon is prohibited in the treatment against coronavirus in Burkina Faso. A surprising decision while some time ago, the drug showed encouraging signs in the treatment against covid- in the country.

Some link this refusal to Western pressure, others continue to express their surprise and disagreement. For sure, the ban on Apivirine in the treatment of cases of covid-19 in Burkina Faso does not leave researchers and African populations indifferent.

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In the press release prohibiting the product, the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, the ANRP, of Burkina Faso, explains that this medicine has not been authorized according to the provisions in force, governing the marketing of medicines on the territory of Burkina Faso. “The product APIVIRINE 500 mg capsules having never been evaluated for any of the therapeutic indications claimed, can not be subject to or sold to the population and even less advertised through communication channels in Burkina Faso” .

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Burkina Faso: Here's why Apivirine is banned in the treatment of Covid-19

However, the product has been introduced for some time into the patient care of Covid-19, showing interesting results on patients.

A version recognized by the Burkinabe Minister of Communication, Rémi Dandjinou. Quoted by the colleague, he affirmed that “people declared themselves treated”, but it is about a protocol “for which the scientists must be sure and certain of what they advance”. The Minister then considers that there is no reason to use it until it is prescribed by doctors in the context of the fight against Covid-19, inviting everyone to wait for the results of the protocol that scientists are working on right now.

Note that Apivirine has been sold in Burkina Faso for a few years. it is prescribed against certain viral diseases, including HIV-AIDS.



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