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Burkina Faso Government Announces Increment In Working Hours Of Public Sector

Working hours in the public administration in Burkina Faso have just increased by 30 minutes from January 1, 2018. According to our BBC colleagues now, the working day that began at 7am to end at 15:30 is changed . The new schedule is from 7:30 to 16h, with 30 minutes break.


To the question of why this change, the government explains that this is due to employee delays and lack of performance. On the side of the workers and the users of the public services, this redevelopment was strongly welcomed. But an accusing finger is pointed at the 30-minute break deemed “too short”, as a source of “fatigue” for the agents.


Sylvie Kabore, a public service employee, explains the difficulties she faces. She says she normally has to get to work at 7am and she is accompanying her children to school at the same time.

Like her, many other parents arrive late for work because of their role as parents. 50% to 65% of civil servants in Burkina Faso are almost always late. The distance between home and office also explains the reason for this delay, as stated by Jacques Dingara, Permanent Secretary for the Modernization of Administration at the Ministry of the Public Service.

However, the measures that should facilitate the implementation of the continuous day have not been respected by the government. Adama Kargougou, tax advisor and user of Treasury services, acknowledges the weaknesses of the schedules but appreciates the change.

According to a government assessment, the continuous work day has fostered more presence in the services.


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