Burkina Faso: DNA Test Results On Thomas Sankara’s Remains Inconclusive – Family!!

The results of the second opinion on the remains of the bodies of Thomas Sankara and his companions did not identify their DNA. This is what RFI told a few days ago, Maitre Bénéwendé Sankara, in an interview.

According to Maitre Bénéwendé Sankara, one of the lawyers of the Sankara family, ” We could not identify DNA “. The result is the same for the other 12 bodies on which the counter-expertise was carried out. This counter-evaluation requested by the families of the victims of the coup d’état in October 1987 confirms the first results delivered by a Marseille laboratory.


Consequently, there is no evidence to suggest that the body that was supposed to fall into the cemetery of Dagnoen is indeed that of the father of the Burkinabe revolution. According to the family lawyer of the deceased, after the ballistics and autopsy, DNA remains the only ” inconclusive ” expertise.


As regards the rest of the proceedings, it is clear that the case remains at the level of justice to establish the responsibilities in the assassination of Thomas Sankara and his companions. We will report to the families and they will notify, ” said Master Bénéwendé Sankara.

As for the next step, it will be question of the reinhumation of the remains, according to the investigating judge quoted by the lawyer of the Sankara family. But no date has been indicated yet.

The mystery remains therefore entire in the identification of the body of the former Head of State Burkinabè, assassinated in the occasion of a coup d’etat in 1987.

Blaise Compaoré, the former president withdrew in October 2014, would be with relatives, involved in the disappearance of his predecessor.

For Master Bénéwendé Sankara, the clusters of evidence are already sufficient, and the file for the burden very heavy. The family lawyer does not believe for a second that the absence of identification by DNA weighs on the trial to come.

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