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Burkina-Faso: “51% of Women Get Married Before Their Eighteenth Birthday…”

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of the Girls which is held every October 11 of the year, the NGO Amnesty International drew up a balance sheet.

In this assessment, Burkina Faso is the fifth country in the world most affected by forced marriages.

“In Burkina Faso, 51% of women marry before their eighteenth birthday, making them the fifth most affected country in the world for forced and early marriages,” Amnesty International reported on Wednesday. a statement issued on the eve of the celebration of International Girls Day.


“We call on the Burkinabe authorities to align their objectives with international law and to ensure that girls are free to decide whether, when and with whom to marry,” said Yves Boukari Traoré, Executive Director of Amnesty International at Burkina.

According to studies conducted by the NGO, this practice has repercussions on other human rights and can lead to early pregnancy and pregnancy-related complications, to the detriment of health and the education of children. girls and young women.

Despite this embarrassing situation, the NGO reveals that a strategy to end child marriage has been put in place. However, efforts remain to be made.

“The national strategy was only aimed at reducing the number of child marriages by 20% between 2016 and 2025, rather than aiming to stop this practice. This is incompatible with the government’s obligations under international law, including the Maputo Protocol, which sets 18 as the minimum age for marriage for women (…) “.


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