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Brussels City Council Soon to Name A Place After Late DR Congo’s Patrice-Lumumba in Belgium

This initiative is not new today. In 2013, the file could not know immediately. On 23 April, the Brussels City Council will look into the matter. But, the burgomaster of the city is formal: the inauguration of this place will be June 30.

Philippe Close, the mayor of the city of Brussels hinted on RTBF on Tuesday, April 17, that ”  On June 30, Brussels, for the first time, will have a place Patrice-Lumumba. It happens Monday at the communal council and we are extremely proud to recognize that  .

Fighter of the independence of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Patrice-Lumumba was assassinated on January 17, 1961. Since then, several associations of the African diaspora ensure that the memory of this hero does not go out. In 2013, they proposed the erection of a place in memory of Lumumba in Brussels.

In his speech on the radio, Philippe Close congratulated these associations and was proud to respond to their request. This is to rename an existing place, said the mayor. A commemorative plaque will be set in a Brussels square at the entrance of “Matongé”, a district of the Congolese community and will receive the name of Lumumba.

The announcement of the erection of this square on April 17 marks the 60th anniversary of the inauguration of the World Expo in Brussels. Indeed, on April 17, 1958, the Belgian colonists had used a Congolese village looking like a human zoo to exalt their power.


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