British Royal Family: Queen Elizabeth II Struck by Misfortune, Losses One of Her Prestigious Horses

After losing one of her canines a few months ago, Queen Elizabeth II has just lost one of her faithful companions. A horse that was usually used to escort him on his royal outings and during parades in London.Publicity

It was the Met Task Force, which escorted the Queen on the move, who made the announcement on twitter a few days ago. It must be said that this is sad news that has affected Queen Elizabeth II, aware of the fact that she is passionate about  horses:

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of PH Keston. PH Keston has regularly escorted the Queen at various events in the state and at other prestigious occasions. He was a real fan of the crowd and the people of London. Thank you for your service Keston. RIP, “ wrote the organization with some pictures of the horse.

British Royal Family: Queen Elizabeth II struck by misfortune

Despite her 92 years, the queen remains very attached to her horse rides that she continues to practice without stopping. On the 17th of November last, the sovereign had been seen while she was on a horseback ride around Windsor Castle.On this occasion, Queen Elizabeth was accompanied by her son, Prince Edward, 54 years old. Without a helmet, with a simple scarf on his head and dressed in an anorak, the grandmother of Princes William and Harry enjoyed the last rays of the sun, on the back of his black horse, under the watchful eye of his royal aid .The queen consoles herself today with her two dorgis, Candy and Vulcan (dogs resulting from the cross between a corgi and a dachshund).

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