British Mother of 9 Converts to Islam to Marry her Young Gambian Lover

A British mother of 9, Heidi Hepworth, has reportedly dumped her husband and also converted to Islam so she can marry her young Gambian lover she met online.

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The 45-year-old British Mother of 9 who now wears a hijab and prays to Allah every day as she prepares for her big day,  is planning a wedding in a mosque in The Gambia, where most of the population is Muslim. However Heidi says, it is “a happier and more caring place than Britain”.

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Heidi who insisted that her relationship with Mamadou Salieu Jallow, 31, is the real thing, had split with her car mechanic husband of 23 years last year when she hooked up with her lover on Facebook.

 “No-one imagined this would last but we love each other and are making plans to marry. I’ve never been happier” she said.

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The British mother of 9 who had never been in a plane in her life but has now been to West Africa four times to see her taxi driver boyfriend, plans to move to Gambia after they marry next year once her divorce is finalised.

Heidi who has six children with Andy and three from a previous marriage, told Daily Mail;

“I think it’s fine to take the initiative.

“I have wasted enough time in my life in an unhappy marriage.

I don’t have a single regret. I’m not a terrible parent.

It was really hard for me to leave my kids, but they couldn’t come with me so I had no choice.

I was shocked at the anger that was directed at me for supposedly abandoning my children. That just didn’t happen.”

However her husband Andy said: “It’s a mid-life crisis. She’s been brainwashed.” He also slammed Heidi for leaving her kids, saying:

A caring mum wouldn’t go off ­gallivanting around Africa with her new boyfriend.

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