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British Doctor- ‘Donald Trump May Not Live Through His Tenure’, How True?

So many releases have been going back and forth concerning the health of the US President even when he was still an elect. Medical practitioners said he may not be able to withstand the rigors of running an office with such magnitude for that long period.

However the 70 year man seems to take them by surprise as he’s still here bouncing all round and even handling stoically the challenges thrown at him.

The question now is , is he masking all the health issues he’s been having or he is truly amazing health-wisely as his doctors said. One British Doctor refused to agree with with this. He believes the 70 year old body of the President may not be strong enough to carry him through his tenure.

Dr Patrick Heck can’t help contradicting Trump’s medical report, which was released earlier in the year, expressing that the president-elect is far away from the ‘phenomenal well being’ his own specialist announced him to be in.

The British cardiologist guarantees Trump’s “restless evenings and exhausting calendar” could demonstrate only ill-health  for the 70-year-old President


“For a man of 70, the high-octane plans, restless evenings especially with the way the President connects with via web-based networking media may not suite such a body

Image result for donald-trump with bowls of KFC

Image result for donald-trump with bowls of KFC

Image result for donald-trump with bowls of KFC
Presently we realize that Trump isn’t one to turn down a basin of KFC singed chicken and at 6ft 3 crawls in tallness, his present weight of 16 stone, 9lbs, makes him considerably overweight for his stature.

Another reason given by the British is the way that the president’s association with his considerably more youthful spouse Melania Trump could likewise seriously affect his health. “His wife, Melania Trump, is lovely and goal-oriented and will make certain requests as a young lady in her prime.



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