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British Army Under Fire For Tweeting Blackface Image Deemed Racist, Explained As Camouflage!

The British Army sparked harsh criticism Wednesday after it tweeted an image of a soldier who seemed to don blackface paint.

Minutes after the photo landed online, users flocked to their accounts to criticize it as racist because a white soldier appeared in blackface.

“Being a soldier in the jungle requires a robust sense of humor,” the caption read.

British Army Twitter screenshot
British Army Twitter screenshot

Many expressed their disapproval over the post. Bl*ge felt unsurprised by the message but still called out the blackface imagery.


i hate the army and everyone in it



the whole british army twitter just tweeted out a racist joke with blackface… like im not surprised but still…



@NaturallyTiss pointed out her family members in the army and said she had “never seen this sort of ‘humor’ from them.”


@BritishArmy funny… Two cousins and two uncles in the forces & I’ve never seen this sort of ‘humour’ from them 🤔



RTJ called the camouflage method “ineffective” unless the group is attempting to go unrecognized by “armed racists.”


RTJ @rtjpoet

.@BritishArmy Blackface, light jacket = ineffective camouflage. Unless you’re trying to pass unnoticed among a cabal of, say, armed racists.



Still, some defended the image.

Mike Weverly said the war paint is not black but green.

CantFinesseMeAgain thought anyone offended by the image was “overdoing it.”

CantFinesseMeAgain @yobinomb

wait.. people were offended because @britisharmy tweeted a photo of a soldier with black paint on his face? lool some of u are overdoing it

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@massonboy said anyone who believes camouflage is racist should “wear a hi-vis jacket next time you’re being shot at.” The reflective outerwear features a bright yellow hue.



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