Britain’s State Visit: Donald Trump Says What He Thinks About Prince Harry

Since last June 3, President Trump and his wife are in Britain for a state visit. Upon arrival, they were greeted by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

Their first visit did not serve as a lesson to the big boss of the United States because from the first day of his arrival he made a bad impression in London. Trump treated the mayor, Sadiq Khan, of “loser total”.

A little later, he seemed to be falling asleep during a speech by Queen Elizabeth II. An attitude that provoked the anger of many Internet users. Despite this unpleasant gesture, Melania’s husband had the luxury of unpacking his thoughts about Prince Harry.


In an exchange with British journalist Piers Morgan, Trump said he had a good relationship with Meghan Markle’s husband. “He spent a long time talking to Ivanka [Trump, her daughter, ed] and my family. He could not have been nicer. President Trump also recounted exchanging with Prince Harry.

“I think he’s a great guy. The royal family is really nice. (…) He could not have been nice


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