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Brilliant Student Who Walked to Library for 5 Years to Do Homework Gets Accepted to 12 Universities

Lashawn Samuel, a student from West High School, has attained an admirable feat after being accepted to 12 colleges, including The Ohio State University, and some are even offering full scholarships.


According to fox17.comhe, Lashawn Samuel spent the past five years walking three miles per day to the Columbus Metropolitan Library to get help with his homework.

Samuel has been accepted to 12 colleges, with several offering full scholarships as a reward for his hard work.

Samuel grew up in poverty, and in a troubled neighbourhood.

His home has been broken into multiple times, and he witnessed his close friend get shot and killed. He’s also had to overcome numerous health challenges.

Samuel overcame all of these odds and his hard work has finally paid off.

“Be true to yourself and accomplish your goals as long as you put your mind to it,” fox17.comhe quotes Samuel as saying.

The young genius has settled on The Ohio State University, and he’s been admitted into the business programme.

Samuel plans to help others with a similar background to attain their dreams in life.

The teen prodigy has always loved going to school from an early age and now all her hard work is paying off.

Reflecting on her achievements, Flowers says she wishes her grandfather were alive to witness her accomplishments and see her graduate.


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