Brilliant Indian Teenager Creates World’s First Rape-proof Underwear With Lock & GPS Alert [Video]

An Indian woman has just made an anti-rape underwear with a lock, a GPS alert for the police and a video camera to record the aggressor’s face. Seenu Kumari, born into a poor family in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, claims to have spent less than £ 50 to create the undergarment and hopes to market it worldwide.

India: manufactures underwear with lock and GPS alert to prevent rape (video)

Speaking about her project during her presentation, she said:

“I put a lock that will not open without a password. I also installed an electronic device equipped with a GPS and a call system. When someone tries to molest a woman, this device will send messages to the woman’s relatives and also to the police. ”


“The police officer will then be able to go to the scene of the crime by following the GPS and thwarting the attempt.”

She has also installed a digital camera that will film and record the aggressor’s face.

India: manufactures underwear with lock and GPS alert to prevent rape (video)

“A woman will not need to wear this undergarment regularly. She can wear it when traveling alone or in a dangerous place. It can save women from evil men who try to steal their dignity. ”

A woman wearing this undergarment during an assault must just press a button on the device to call a predefined emergency number. The underwear prototype was sent to the Allahabad National Innovation Foundation.


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