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Brilliant: 26-Year-Old Rwandan Invents WhatsApp Prototype That Allows Calls Without Internet

Deodate Mugenzi, a 26-year-old Rwandan, has made a prototype without the Internet that will allow WhatsApp users to make internal and international calls.

The cost of international calls from China, Japan, the United States and Europe to Africa is generally very high. Most telecommunication service providers and others charge exorbitant amounts for text messages and voice calls for international transactions.


A situation that does not facilitate interactions. And even if technology solutions are now at hand like social networks and instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and others, the connection remains another problem facing users. Another pitfall, it is not possible to call via Whatsapp a user who does not have the application on his phone.

To try to solve this problem, a young Rwandan invents a prototype that will now allow users of WhatsApp messaging to circumvent these conditions to make a voice call on the platform.

The inventor of this prototype is a student in information and communication technology at the Polytechnic Regional Center of Kigali in Rwanda.


According to him, the development of the prototype has been perpetuated by the need of Africans to converse with friends and family members around the world. His project began in 2017, and now wants to have an “impact on the lives of people around the world”.

In addition, the innovation began with playing with a laptop at a vigorous library search, using physics and the computer as key arsenals.

In addition to solving communication problems, the initiative has also borrowed its passion for science and technology. Due to the bad situation on the continent, Mugenzi conducted intensive research based on computer skills acquired in class and from physics books. The whole system works using optical physics, mobile communication techniques, and networking principles.

The innovation requires the registration of the receiver and caller numbers on the WhatsApp platform. According to the inventor, even though the prototype helps connect people all over the world, the program does not allow multiple calls simultaneously. The current development stage can therefore support only one call at a time.

So far, the work has been carried out on the Rwandan’s own funds. But now he is thinking of raising money for mass production for marketing purposes.

The system has already attracted many telecommunication companies who have expressed interest in purchasing an improved version.


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