Brigitte Macron: France’s First Lady Astronomical “Salary” Annoys the Elysee

For some time, the amount of expenses of Brigitte Macron, raises fierce controversy at the Elysee. To the question, if Brigitte Macron is too expensive? Several relatives of the house answer in the affirmative.

Brigitte Macron, currently 65 years old, is the victim of attacks by her detractors who consider that she earns a staggering salary as a first lady. A few days ago, several languages ​​were untied to blame the first lady for wearing skirts too short, which she rectified during her trip to Belgium.


But this time, it is her expenses within the Elysee that are controversial. On Patriotes’s angry Facebook page, it was published that  “The Chained Duck revealed that the Elysee had plans to raise the status of the first lady from 440,000 to 538,000 € per year … A huge increase of 22% in from next year! Thank you French to pay more for Brigitte! “.

Information that was denied by our colleagues Liberation for whom the information would not appear in  The Duck chained , but rather on the far-right site  The left killed me .

Based on the report of the Court of Auditors, the media has indicated that the annual cost of expenses related to the activity of Brigitte Macron is 278 750 €. For her, this is not a salary proper.

Brigitte Macron does not receive any remuneration for this role of First Lady,  ” nor own budget or entertainment  “. On the other hand, ”  it has a chief of staff and a chief of staff, as well as two secretaries, one of whom is also assigned to the adviser’s secretariat . 


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