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Brexit: How Britain Leaving the EU Could Affect the English Football

Britain has voted to leave the European Union after a country-wide referendum saw the Brexit campaign take a majority of just under 52 per cent. The ramifications are a long way from being worked out, but the ability for anyone from within the EU to come and work in the UK will surely change – and that could include some top football stars from the Premier League.

As Britain scrambles to find its footing in the days ahead, how the decision will affect the football scene in the country is speculative.

According to report by the BBC,  the Premier league would be “radically changed”.

First off, as per the current regulations, that European footballers would need work permits, as those from outside the continent currently do, to play in the country.

Under the current criteria for non-EU players, which require players to have played in a certain percentage of their national team’s matches, more than 100 Premier League players would have failed to have gained a work permit, reports The Telegraph.


“It is important that if we want the best league in the world then we remain in the EU,” football agent Jonathan Barnett told told the newspaper.

If the British Home Office rolls out current immigration rules for Europeans, a player from a FIFA top-10 nation will have to have played in 30 per cent of their games in the two years prior to the date of application to be granted a work permit. Nation ranked 11-20 must have played in 45 percent, 21-30 60 percent and 75 percent for nations ranked 31-50.

Of the current players playing in the league, Dimitri Payet, N’Golo Kante and Anthony Martial do not meet these requirements.

Brexit wold also likely cause the sterling (£) to be weaker as well as less investment from overseas companies taking advantage of the UK’s access to the free EU trade market. This would increase the price of signing players from overseas for Premier League clubs, reports Goal.

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