BREAKING: Senegal Adopts Wolof As The Country’s Official Language!!

For Senegal, if Francophonie is not over yet, in French, is. Indeed, the countries of Léopold Sédar Senghor turns his back to the French language and adopt the Wolof as official language.

It had been years that the Senegalese gradually forsook the French language, whether in education, research or administration.

While various studies show that the imposition of an exclusively French education penalizes students of francophone African countries, Senegal has opted to make its official language Wolof.


The causes are multiple: a mutual disinterest between French and Senegalese coupled with the growing influence of the United States in the country and a growing nationalism in Senegal.

Opinions are divided on this decision, which should still strengthen the Senegalese identity, while not neglecting the minority languages.

Source: AfriqueGraphique


Written by How Africa

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