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Brazil’s Bravest Officer: His Son In One Hand And His Weapon In The Other, He Shot Dead Two Gangsters (VIDEO CHOC)

Brazil: his son in one hand and his weapon in the other, he shot two gangsters (VIDEO CHOC)
YouTube screenshot from surveillance video


The scene took place on November 18 in a pharmacy in Sao Paulo. Sergeant Rafael Souza, a military police non-commissioned officer, would do some shopping with his wife outside his hours of service, holding his son in his arms, when two armed thieves broke into the shop.

The two thugs slaughtered

Fatal gesture:  According to the Brazilian daily O Estado de S. Paulo , when one of the two opportunists pointed his gun at them, the policeman saw red. He unsheathed his service weapon and fired several times, without even letting go of his child. He then entrusted his child to his panicked wife, as can be seen in the pictures. The two dead thieves had died before the arrival of the helpers, who could only pronounce their deaths.

A similar situation had already occurred in 2014 in Campinas, near Sao Paulo, when a policeman had to neutralize a criminal who had attacked him while holding his three-month-old daughter in his arms. To apprehend the perpetrator while using his firearm, he had to release the child who had only been slightly injured.


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