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This Brazilian man has stunned doctors when he still can play the guitar and sing during brain surgery.

Anthony Kulkamp Dias, 33 years old, was still conscious while undergoing a surgery to remove a tumor in his brain. This man even played guitar and sang for the surgery group.

According to Brazilian news site G1, the rare incident occurred last week at Nossa Senhora de Conceição Hospital, southern state of Santa Catarina. In addition to being a banker, Dias has played guitar professionally for 20 years.

Dias detected tumors in his head 15 days after his son was born and decided to remove it by surgery.

In the surgery room, the incredible performance of Dias helped doctors avoid touching his brain regions controlling the senses, motor skills and language.

Putting the guitar on his stomach, Dias began by song called “Emanuel” which he wrote for his son, before playing the classic hit “Yesterday” of the legendary band The Beatles. After that, he continued to play some folk music of Brazil while surgery was still being conducted.


Dias said: “The doctors asked me to repeat a country song, so I even sang more. I had played a total of 6 songs. My right hand weakened slightly, because it was the side having surgery. So I stopped playing guitar and relaxed. I sometimes sang and talked with the doctors.”

According to Dr. Jean Abreu Machado, director of Nossa Senhora de Conceição hospital, keeping the patient awake during surgery is very important, because it allows doctors to determine exactly positions of brain regions responsible for sensation, motor and language of the patient to prevent these areas from hurting.

Brain tissue has no pain receptors, but the skin and other structures have. So, Dr. Machado emphasized keeping the patient awake and painless is the major challenge for the entire surgical team, including the anesthesiologist.

Although Dias’s case is rare, it is not an unprecedented case. Last year, several newspapers reported that American violinist Roger Frisch helped doctors find the exact location to put implant equipment in his brain by playing instruments during the surgery.


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