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Brazil: The Remains Of Legendary Brazilian Footballer, Mané Garrincha Disappeared From Grave!!


The remains of the legendary Brazilian footballer Mané Garrincha disappeared from the grave of the cemetery where he was buried in the State of Rio de Janeiro, denounced his family.
Rosangela Santos, one of the daughters of the double world champion, explained Wednesday at the UOL site that his father’s body had been exhumed several years ago without his permission and that the family has lost all trace of it since.


World champion for the first time in 1958, Sweden, Garrincha played a fundamental role in the Seleçao double in 1962 in Chile, in the absence of Pele, injured in the second match. “We do not have any documents, we do not know what happened,” Ms. Santos complained, after going personally to the small cemetery of Magé, about 70 km north of Rio.

According to her, the body was exhumed more than five years ago, when one of her aunts had to be buried in the family vault. It is at this point that the mortal remains of the player would have been lost. “It’s indecent to think that someone could take it without warning,” Garrincha’s daughter complained.

Died in 1983, the winged twirler, who married three times and had 13 children, was buried in a vault with four other members of his family. A mausoleum in his honor was built by the town hall of Magé a few meters away. Garrincha died at the age of 49, due to his health problems due to his alcohol problems.


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